Garnisha products are hand blended by the Warren family on their farm near Boreen Point, Noosa. The subtropical climate lends itself to the cultivation of a large range of rare and exotic herbs, spices and related plants. These products form the base of the Garnisha range of curry pastes, which are free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and are all Gluten free.


Curry pastes


* Kashmiri:

A mild but spicy blend. Cardamom, pepper and ginger predominate, giving this traditional North Indian curry its unique flavour.

* Bombay Masala:

A medium hot traditional blend, based on a friend’s special family recipe from Bombay.

* Vindaloo:

A hot fiery spice blend that came from Portugal’s Indian colony of Goa, having a distinctive flavour that will be familiar to all curry buffs.

* Tandoori:

A spicy marinade for meat, chicken or seafood prior to roasting or barbequing, with the flavour of fresh curry leaves. No artificial colours in our blend.


* Baharat:

A medium hot curry from the Middle East, a complex blend with the fragrant flavours of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

* Harissa:

A hot spicy traditional Tunisian blend of spices, combining chilli and mint with roasted caraway to produce a lively base to any meat or vegetable stew. Also use as a marinade or dipping sauce.

* Saalaman:

A medium hot blend with roasted black pepper and mustard seed, originating from Morocco. Cook with lamb, vegetable or pulse tagines.



A hot Malay curry with peanut and dried shrimp flavours. Cook with coconut milk and noodles for a chicken or seafood laksa.


A medium hot paste with a subtle anise flavour combined with the tang of tamarind and fish sauce. Good with white meats and seafood.


A mild blend of spices with fresh coriander and lemon. Cook with coconut milk for a seafood, chicken or vegetable dish.



A medium hot aromatic Thai style curry with roasted spices, dried shrimp and kaffir lime leaves.

*Green Curry:

A fiery blend of spices with fresh coriander, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, galangal and green chilli. Cook with coconut milk for seafood or chicken curries.

*Red Curry:

A hot blend of chilli, spices and fresh coriander combined with cardamom, galangal and kaffir lime leaf.

Tom Yum:

A traditional hot and sour soup base with the flavours of tamarind and fish sauce with coriander, galangal, chilli, kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass.


Noosa Masala:

An original blend emphasising the spices and flavours that represent the South East Queensland’s regional variety. Dried shrimp is contrasted with the tang of lemongrass and the complexity of pimento. Use as a curry base, or laksa style with noodles.


Brinjal Pickle:

A spicy pickle that combines the flavours of fried eggplant and green chilli.

*Lime Pickle:

An intense tangy citrus flavour combined with chilli and spices makes this one of our most popular products.

*Mango Chutney:

A sweet but spicy mango chutney to liven up the plainest sandwich. Also good as a marinade on roast meats.

* Denotes salt free products 



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